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                      “I Sport, I Health” Badminton Friendly of Taicang Mobile G3 Cup

                      時間:2012-03-19 15:54:00 | 來源: | 作者: admin | 瀏覽次數:
                      With the purpose of enriching our staff’s life, reducing their stress and letting them join in healthy recreational and sports activities, we enrolled for the “I Sport, I Health” Badminton Friendly of Taicang Mobile G3 Cup.
                      In line with the aim of “Friendship First, Competition Second”, all of our players brought out their best and showed their spirit as professional athletes. They competed with each other and had fun doing so. They smashed, lobbed and chopped. Their passion caused bursts of applause. It was through this match that the staff had enhanced their friendship, delighted themselves and showed their mien.
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